Bouncing back and forth between playful sarcasm and crazed rants, Jamey proves that you can be both a positive realist and annoyed curmudgeon simultaneously. Wry, sarcastic, and edgy, Jamey will make you laugh at yourself and others without guilt.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Jamey’s search for sanity in a crazy world landed him on the comedy stage. His off-center, ironic approach to comedy and slightly demented look at life caught on with audiences and he was encouraged to take his show to clubs nationally. With regular bookings in every corner of the country and appearances at both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio show, Jamey has made people laugh from California to New York and from Minnesota to Texas!

Jamey is on the road most of the year and has become a regular at some of the best clubs around the country. You’ll find that his unique brand of humor is quickly making him one of the rising stars of comedy.

Jamey Stone
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