Jake Sharon...
is a silly, brain damaged demon. His improv background & years of clandestine mischief fuel his manic outbursts on the stand-up stage. Jake is also an unfettered optimist. From the war, to junkmail, to the economy, he shows you can find a bright side to anything.

Jake temporarily takes serious tone by incorporating the ideals of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson, & Lao Tzu- then lightens it back up with stories about concussions, his policeman dad, tattoos, rock & roll, & winning his 8th grade spelling bee.

Jake tours colleges & the best clubs across the country including Denver’s Comedy Works, Harvey's, the Improvs, etc. He’s done the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival's political & storytelling shows, Seattle Comedy Competition, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, & the Boston Comedy Festival. His antics have appeared on ESPN, Elimidate, Reader'sDigest.com, and he appeared on an NFL pre-Super Bowl Commercial!

In late 2011, Jake Sharon released his first full-length CD, <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jakes-first-purge/id492473475">
"JAke's First Purge."
You can click here to find it on iTunes.</a>

Jake Sharon


My Clips

3 stars
How Toys Used To Be

Jake Sharon takes a trip down memory lane in his mother's bedside table.

3 stars
Double First Cousins

Jake Sharon understands the temptation of familial breeding all too well.

3 stars
Albuquerque is Dirty

Jake Sharon goes to Albuquerque and brings back a souvenir.

5 stars
Being A Good Guy

Jake Sharon is totally a great guy, just ask him!

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