Jack Mayberry began doing comedy on the road at a very early age. Unfortunately the road was the one in front of his house in rural west Texas and traffic was moving very fast. Then one day Jack’s family moved… and then they moved again… and again and again for a total of twenty some odd moves! Jack doesn’t really remember but he says they still have mail trying to find them! So while he doesn’t figure he got much in the way of a formal education always being the new kid did help Jack develop an act.

Since then Jack has appeared on numerous television programs such as, A & E’s "Evening at the Improv," NBC’s "Hot Country Nights and has made over twenty-five appearances on the Tonight Show. When Jay Leno began hosting The Tonight Show he asked Jack to appear in a comedy sketch his first week on the air. He asked Jack to portray presidential candidate Ross Perot! Whereas some might not, Jack took this as a challenge and accepted. After the show, Jack went home, watched the videotape and thought, "Yikes! I look exactly like Ross Perot! Now what?!"

Jack Mayberry

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