JC Coccoli is a actress/ writer/ performer who has become a fixture at the local comedy clubs (LA Improv, Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store) and more recently, alternative venues such as Tiger Lily, UCB, The Meltdown and Improv Olympic. Follow her on Twitter @ JCcoccoli

JC Coccoli


My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Juice for (a) Living

JC Coccoli is into juicy men.

5 stars
Humor, Period

JC Coccoli is getting into the flow of things.

5 stars
Taught to Survive Separation

JC Coccoli shares her closet like a good roommate.

3 stars
All For the Sake of Jazz

JC Coccoli did it all for the glory of jazz.

3 stars
Verizon Commercial

JC Coccoli loves this Verizon commercial.

3 stars
Canadian Friends

JC Coccoli loves her Canadian friends.

3 stars
Abby and Brittany

JC Coccoli loves the show, Abby and Brittany.

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