A Tampa based comedian, JB Ball supplies an analytical eye into the ridiculousness that is "Us". A storyteller, JB finds ways to find the hilarity in what most would consider painful experiences. His "Big Brother" like style naturally leaves audiences going "I can't believe I never noticed that. You're so right! I never look at that the same way again."

JB Ball


My Clips

3 stars
Say When

JB Ball tells the story about his first time having an orgasm during his live performance at Side Splitters in Tampa, FL on September 5, 2015.

3 stars
We're Talking Averages

JB Ball has a non-scientific scientific theory that he'd like to explain to you.

3 stars
I Love The News

JB Ball knows that not everybody is cut out to be a news anchor.

3 stars
Barbershop Linguistics

JB Ball has a strange conversation in the barbershop.

5 stars

JB Ball talks about the Boy Scout's and media hypocrisy.

3 stars
Johnny Tsunami

JB Ball goes on a weird date.

3 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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