born in Cleveland, Ohio, HowardLester started out as your average church boy one way in church, a totally different way outside of church. a life of empty promises and idle words *cue violins* combined with the genetics that shoulda been victim to genocide, he formed a large chip on his shoulder. desperately needing to talk to someone, he bypassed a licensed professional and he spends most of his time on stage treating it like a therapy session. HowardLester first stepped on the stage in Las Vegas; performing at Boomer's, Freakin Frog, the Beach and other dives. after a performance in front of the gays "his people", by default an unenthusiastic and unreceptive crowd left him to question the impact he would have as a gay he took a break from comedy. since then he's realized that he just really doesn't like people at all. the crowd doesn't matter anymore. either you love him or you hate him, just make sure you give him a beer or a shot or both he kinda has a problem. HowardLester returned to the stage as a resident in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, now Pittsburgh and has since been taking his tirade across the country. he's been embraced by the alternative and underground comedy scene who usually relate more to his comedy than snotty, uptight, high-browed and stiff collared conservatives. he's not bitter, i swear...he was just born that way.

Howard Lester
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