Horatio is a wonderful man and who has amazing talents. He has put those talents to good use by humiliating Satan and writing a beautiful, wonderful song about it. I have decided that the internet should finally be used for something good and I set up this page to help spread this inspirational story and this glorious song.

Although Horatio believes that computers are for "sissies" and he is often heard saying, "My grand-dad didn't need a computer to be a man and neither do I!", he has given my efforts his approval because he understands the need to spread his very important work.

This is most gracious of him because we all remember the shame that Horatio's father brought upon the Lee Jenkins' family when he decided that he DID need a computer to be a man. Horatio not only proved his father wrong by savagely beating him without the aid of a computer, but also by out-drinking the devil himself also without computer aid and nothing could be more manly than that. Those heroic acts combined with the beautiful song that Horatio wrote have fully redeemed his family name and enhanced its glory to previously unheard of levels.

Horatio Lee Jenkins

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