I am an American Indian hybred comedian from Cincinnati, OH. Remember the Trail of Tears? Well get ready for the Trail of Laughs. My act deals with life, religon, race and yes even death....well my own anyway. I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer although at this point I think the doctors are just trying to scare me into Christianity, with this whole dying thing. I have opened for the likes of Michael Mack, Ron Morey and Roz G. I hope to see you at a club soon.

Homer Shadowheart


My Clips

1 stars
Small-Town Kentucky to Cincinnati

Homer Shadowheart notes some specific cultural differences that he has experienced living in both a small Kentucky town and the city of Cincinnati.

3 stars
Casino Indians

Homer Shadowheart will always be prepared...To make you laugh.

5 stars
meanest thing ever said

this is the meanest thing has ever said

5 stars
meeting her kid

how meeting someone's kid can be awkward

5 stars
Speak the Language

my thoughts on how we should all speak the same language

5 stars

misunderstanding about the Dance Dnace Revolution game

5 stars
Rules about farting

strange rules the girlfriend has and how she breaks them

5 stars
Mythbusting How

the real reason Native Americans say How

5 stars
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