Holly's comedy is silly, smart, sometimes filthy, but is always delivered with child-like innocence. This allows her to get away with anything. She talks about not fitting in , about having trouble being a girl, and also draws on her background in medicine. Holly lives in Austin, and has performed across Texas. She hopes to widen her scope, to perhaps a blue state, as she worries a lot about being shot.

Holly Lorka


My Clips

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Holly Lorka - The joys of nursing

Holly Lorka Live at The Capitol City Comedy Club - Funniest person in Austin.

5 stars
The fanny packer

Holly Lorka Live at Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas - The Funniest Person in Austin Contest

5 stars
Straight girls love me

Holly Lorka Live at the Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin Texas. The Funniest Person In Austin Contest.

5 stars
Rock, paper, scissors

Holly Lorka Live at Cat's - in San MArcos, Texas. The competitive culture of lesbian hair!

4 stars
3 foot Barbie

Barbie dolls can have deep meaning for budding lesbians. Through the gorgeous kaleidoscope of adolescent fantasy, the girl and her inanimate companion may even be transported through a gauzy dreamscape straight to the “Self Help” section of Barnes & Noble.

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