Heather Hellcat Lauder is a NY/NJ native with the attitude and clueless confidence to match.
Being the youngest in the "House of Chaos" Lauder recalls that "being funny was a good way not to get your ass kicked, because being a fast runner was not her thing."

Lauder has always had a restless spirit which made her a transplant in many places, it was after changing towns, cities and states but not professions that she realized making people laugh from behind a chair as a stylist just wasn't enough I opted for "cutting it", she opted to show me another use for scissors. Lauder now claims to be a recovering hairdresser, and says when you've worked in the beauty industry for as long as she has, you have three options, "blackmail, bluehairs, or bull****." Rather than take any of the aforementioned options, she chose comedy and rightly so by her audience size.
Hellcat Heather

She will win you over as she commands a room with her straightforward analogies, perceptions, and life experiences. Lauder sums up her comedic experiences with, "I've opened up for big names and left with little pay, how's that for a great career choice?" Never scared to say it like it is, she can be accurate and abrasive, but in her own words "People have been too PC for too long, me I'm just me, whatever pictures of me you download and make into your own, that's completely on you."

Being a female comic gives way to questionable titles such as "belly comic," and "comic cutie" which rest assured, she is not. While she is noted to be easy on the eyes, it's her comedy that will bring you back and leave you laughing without question. Lauder has played all over the country and claims she will eventually venture to every state, because her favorite state is "disarray". Rest assured, Lauder is a force to be reckoned with, and her fans will tell you the same!

Heather HellCat

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