I work at a Japanese restaurant for minimum wage and I've been doing stand-up since 2009. Its all I think about 24/7, well that and vagina.

I entertain strangers with my deadpan delivery of awkward nerdy humor, personal stories, and amazing hair. I enjoy a nice Dr. Pepper cherry, Kim Kardashian, and Big League Chew and dislike flat tires, quicksand, and country music.

Harold Kizzapps


My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Being a ninja

Being a ninja would be totally sweet.

3 stars
Tailgating at UGA

Tailgating is always fun.

3 stars
Having a time machine

One day I'll have a time machine... one day.

4 stars
"You can sit wherever you like"

I lost a bet and had to work at a Waffle House for a month, and wrote this song about my experience.

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