Haji does not come from a comedy or entertainment family. He comes from a family of educators. It is a mystery to not only his family, but also to himself, how he stumbled into standup comedy. It must have been the various comedians Haji got to view as a child, teenager and quasi-adult. It began with Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield as a youngster, along with the various people he came across in his many travels. The turning point, turned upon itself, when Haji somehow talked his father to take him to see Eddie Murphy’s ‘Raw’, when Haji was but nine years old. Many years later, he pursued a life in comedy.

Today, Haji’s comedic stylings are inspired from the comedic geniuses of the past. Everyone from Lenny Bruce, to Bill Cosby, to Steven Wright, to Pryor, to Eddie, to Seinfeld, to Bill Hicks, to Redd Foxx, to Sam Kinison, to Chris Rock, to Chappelle and to those who have gone un-noticed and those who will become noticed. Haji only hopes, that he could have the respect of these great comedians of the past and future, but also the financial security of Eddie Murphy. Only time will tell how this trilogy unfolds.

- From 2006 Seattle International Comedy Competition

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