It looked like Gus Tawse was destined for a life in showbiz as early as 1989, when he won Kirkhill Primary School's primary seven talent contest, doing impressions of such star names as Saint & Greavsie, Alan Wicker and the Grandad from Bread. Unfortunately, he was soon to find that the road to stardom was not an easy one to take - a combination of his voice breaking and having to be in bed by 10 o'clock making it extremely difficult to get gigs.<br>
Fast forward 17 years and the impressions have been replaced by sharp, incisive one-liners as Gus looks to once again set foot on that road. Described as the 'deadpan master of mirth' on account of his often straight-faced delivery, the Aberdeen-based comic excels in well written, carefully crafted gags that have you hanging on the edge of your seat for his entire set. And a love for writing topical news jokes coupled with a wealth of material mean that whether he's doing a ten-minute open spot or headlining a small gig, no two sets are ever the same. He has also turned his hand to compering gigs recently and has shown a contempt for hecklers which he normally reserves for amateur football referees!<br>
Gus is also a matchday football reporter and has covered matches for the Evening Express, Sunday Mail and Scottish TV.<br>

Gus Tawse
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