Graeme Thomas has been writing and performing stand up for 6 years, and has performed in venues across Scotland and the North of England. After graduating from Edinburgh University in 2001 with a History Degree, he spent a year in Canada, where he worked and gigged, playing shows in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and a solo show in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Before heading for colder climates he was the resident compere at the Stand in Edinburgh for 2 years, performing every Sunday. He has appeared at the Edinburgh Festival in 3 shows: STAND UP SCOTLAND in 1999, STAND UP SCOTLAND ***** The Scotsman the following year, and with fellow act Teddy in REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE **** Three Weeks all of which ran for the full length of the festival.

After returning from Canada Graeme quickly established himself back onto the Scottish comedy scene, receiving great reviews; "Thomas is superb, a genuine rising talent", Edinburgh Evening News. Graeme also became a regular contributor on Fred McCauley’s radio show on BBC SCOTLAND, discussing news items and performing character skits. Graeme has also been part of the Stand Comedy Club’s Highland and Island Tour 2003, a two week tour round the north of Scotland performing with Martin Bigpig, Paul Sneddon and David Kay. This took them to Skye, Mull and Orkney as well as mainland venues including Inverness and Ullapool.

Graeme has appeared on Scottish Television’s LOUD TV, and has had a walk on part in a CBS drama special TRUDEU. Dogtooth Media are currently developing his comedy short, “Making a Bitter Britain”, for Channel 4’s Comedy Lab.

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