The saucy Argentina native, rumored to be a distant relative of Eva Peron, alit in New Orleans sixteen years ago, taking the city by storm. Thank goodness it wasn't hurricane season! While there Grace honed her South American sidesplitting humor doing stand-up comedy and appearing in live theater productions. Her titillating tamale timing garnered her a Best Actress in a Comedy nomination from the Marquee and Storer Boone Awards; winning a Big Easy Entertainment Award for Best Supporting Actress, in Dalt Wonk's comedy "Rio Seco," playing a Latina spitfire. Typecasting, do you think?

Not one to rest on her laurels, the blonde bombshell and margarita soccer momma decided to take the plunge and imbedded herself in Beverly Hills. However, soon after her foray into this foreign territory she discovered that she was just "A Spanish Valley girl, with Neiman Marcus taste, living on a K-Mart budget!" Never feint of heart, the incorrigible Fraga, took the bull by the horns, deciding to become…"A true American girl, hair by Clairol, boobs by Victoria's Secret and bootie by McDonald's."

As a child growing up in Buenos Aires, the daughter of a civil engineer and internationally renowned concert pianist, Elisabeth Fiocca yes, pronunciation wise you can go there, the ever inquisitive over achiever earned three college degrees: a BA in Art History Education, an MA in Art History with an emphasis in Theater and Film Analysis and an MBA in Finance, which of course led her to her career in the entertainment field because "There's no business like show business." Still close to her mother, some of Fraga's routines are based around her mother's annual visits and her ability to drive Grace to rack and ruin… "Am I Crazy? I moved 9,000 miles away and now she has a computer. I didn't buy a computer, I bought 9,000 miles of umbilical chord!"

Grace's current expansion plans, fueled by a diet by Jake, in her lifelong quest to lose J-Lo's behind are hosting a weekly internet radio show "Laff It Off With Grace" and an upcoming cable version on Adelphia. "Did you know," she comments, "that if you spend one full hour of sustained belly-laughing you can burn as many as 500 calories?" Ever wonder how many calories she's burning off in her Body by Jake class? Ever wonder what her mother's thinking as she tunes in to her daughter's show? Thank goodness the TV version won't run in her native country.

So, after 9,000 miles and sixteen years in the making, this effervescent, clever comedienne is about to put her feminine jocularity to work, joining ranks with her masculine counterparts, George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and John Leguizamo.

By consistently performing at mainstream clubs around the country, and at the Laugh Factory and Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, Grace Fraga likes to quip "Hey, at least I'm not turning tricks on Sunset Boulevard, yet. Ole!"

Grace Fraga

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