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A YOBI.tv Season 4 & 5 Laugh Finalist, a YOBI.tv Season 3 Laugh Winner, SketchyWomen.com Founder, TheDenialShow.com Co-Creator, a TweetTheJoke.com Winner, ComedyWhirled.com Repeated Caption Contest Winner, FunnyNotSlutty.com featured comic, StupidAssQuestions.com Hall of Fame Comic, FunnyorDie.com repeat Caption Contest Winner, The Corporate Rejects Co-Founder and The Travel Channel's 'This Job's A Trip!' Featured Comedienne.

Gisele Noel


My Clips

3 stars
Glitter Therapy

Glitter Patel Wongstein sees a psychologist.

4 stars
New York Black & Blue

New York's Finest diversity training video.

3 stars
Moms in Denial

Tiger vs. Lilly mom

3 stars
Glitter Face

Glitter Patel Wongstein sees an esthetician.

3 stars
Glitter Teeth

Glitter Patel Wongstein goes to the dentist.

5 stars
Statutory Date

Gisele Noel commits statutory date on the streets of New York.

3 stars
NPR presents This American Life: Identical Cousins

SketchyWomen.com interviews identical cousins for NPR's This American Life

5 stars
The Broke Nigga Diet

Skinny is the new black.

3 stars
Baby First

Uptown moms in an upside-down world.

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