A Kentucky native, Gid knew he wanted to be a professional comedian the day he got kicked out of his 9th grade math class by a teacher who did not appreciate his humor or the fact the entire class was currently laughing at his answer to her rather serious question.

College lasted about as long as a beer at a NASCAR race, so it was off to the military, just in time for Vietnam. As those who enjoy comedy know, timing is everything. Gid was picked to play on an all-star Air Force basketball team while stationed in Taiwan. "I loved it because those guys were short! It was like playing against the Upalumpas."

Gid PoolMix together his experience as a newspaper owner, insurance executive, cruise travel agency owner, and real estate agent, you end up with a 63 year-old man who, quite frankly, doesn't give a #@$&*. He drives in the left lane, and if you want to pass, that's why they built the right lane. He pokes fun at himself, the older generation, as well as young kids and their attitudes. Gid appeals to comedy lovers of all ages.

He's co-host of a radio show on WSRQ in Sarasota, called the "E-Man Nation Show" where he gets to fire both barrels at the politically incorrect world around him.

In October 2006 he was selected to be an MC and the house comedian at the Comedy Zone in Port Charlotte. In December of that year he was one of the winners at the "2006 California Comedy Conference", produced by Judy Carter, and held in Palm Springs. His showcase was selected to be heard on the National Lampoon Radio Show. Since the rapid launch of his career, he has appeared on stages at the IMPROV in both West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Sidesplitters in Tampa, the Atlantic Arts Theater in Jupiter, Jokeboys in Ocala, and McCurdy's Comedy Theater in Sarasota, in addition to the Comedy Zone in Palm Harbor and Port Charlotte. He participated in the Highlands, NC comedy festival last October, where he was paid with… a chair. Don't ask

Gid uses his 63 years of experience to take a look at the world around him. Often irreverent, sometimes sarcastic, but always funny, Gid brings a refreshing change to his show. His show is PG-13.

Gid Pool

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