It all started in the early 21st century, when Gerrit Elzinga became interested in stand-up comedy for the first time. The small town of Marne, Michigan helmed great inspiration for this comic. Childhood consisted of 12 long years pent up in Kenowa Hills, which also gave him a large comedy pool to skim material from.

At 14, he began writing his own material. With age came wisdom (in small increments, of course), many more jokes and laughs, but most importantly, truth. For him, truth was and still is the key to comedy. That is clearly evident knowing he favors the influence of Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor. Nothing is off topic for this no-holds-barred comedian.

His comedy can be summed up as clever observations on the surface but underneath, it delves into social commentary. The world around us all is critiqued and ridiculed in the jokes of Gerrit Elzinga. When you hear these anecdotes, you won’t forget this comedian.

In the past, Gerrit performed at numerous school activities but upon graduating, he became a regular at The Sunday Night Funnies comedy show in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. He was also included in the “Funniest Person in Grand Rapids” competition held at Dr. Grins Comedy Club, even becoming a finalist. Most recently, he has branched out of his Midwest comfort zone, adding several other locations to his roster, including New York City.

Gerrit Elzinga

My Clips

3 stars

Filmed at Connxtions Comedy Club in Toledo, OH, this clip shows Gerrit Elzinga talk about Reese's candy and their old slogan.

5 stars
Elderly Banquet

Comedian Gerrit Elzinga talks about doing comedy at an elderly banquet during high school.

3 stars
I Work at Jimmy John's

Comedian Gerrit Elzinga describes one of the pains being a delivery driver for Jimmy John's.

3 stars
I Work at Jimmy John's (Part II)

Comic Gerrit Elzinga gives another story about working at Jimmy John's.

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