Yeah so I own VA its my home. The stage is where I make my ass famous! I am a true Rated R SuperStar and turning alot of heads these days. I have a cd and Dvd in the works and look out America Gene Gallo is taking over.

Gene Gallo

My Clips

3 stars
Mega Piss

This is well.... about peeing. Leave it to Gene to pull no punches and tells yet another true story about public urinating at a party

3 stars
Wal-Mart, being broke fat and poor and Jager

Gene Gallo is and average Italian guy selling cell phones at wal-mart but by night he becomes a mad man and is not afraid of offending anyone in his path! With the stress of life, gas prices, being broke, single, and a true love for jager he takes stage and shoots straight from the hip and takes no prisoners.

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