Looked at somewhat differently, the name goes hand in hand with the type of comedy he does, which might be described as “redneck shtick.” When Gary Dull, dressed in hunting camouflage and a t-shirt, walks out onstage he is your basic hillbilly, beer-guzzling, country redneck. He makes jokes about working for a roofing company, living in a house trailer, and getting into arguments with his wife. The humor is coarse, and often crosses the line into the realm of “adult humor”—but it cracks the audiences up.
The comedy of Gary Dull has been described as clever, provocative, silly, sometimes juvenile. But the most common phrase heard after one of Gary's shows is, "That guy was funny." By mixing his human insights with a variety of good old fashioned country humor, Gary has wowed audiences throughout the Southeast. Now Gary says hearing Laughs after jokes is kick ass cool, and whom ever thought of this is always going to number one in his book.

Gary Dull

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