I am a professional stand up comedian living in Grand Rapids, MI. I am originally from Chicago. What makes this genius funny is going through more than my fair share of adversity. Not only was I one of five children in a poor household with no daddy around, but i was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease in 1986. I had to wait for a donor. That's right. For me to live...someone had to die. I waited two years on the transplant list....my doctor told me I'd wait three, but I got tired of waiting. I took a job answering phones at the suicide hotline trying to convince people to not jump off a bridge..., but to go home and kill themselves in a tub filled with ice. LO mutherfucking L!!! It's my transplant! My joke!<br>
<br>I apologize for NUTHIN'. I can joke about anything now. I'M ALIVE!!! Now I continue my career as a comedian traveling all around the WORLD. That's right. My travels took me to Afghanistan recently, where I performed for the troops. Trust me...When you can bring laughter to people who are seeing death everyday...YOU KNOW YOU'RE FUNNY, and I can't wait to make all of YOU laugh your asses off!!!

Floyd J Phillips


My Clips

3 stars

Floyd J Phillips talks about the phobias.

5 stars
Dating With Children

Floyd Discusses the complications that arise when you date someone with children.

3 stars
Pro Lifers

Prolifers shouldn't kill abortion doctors

3 stars

Floyd J Phillips discusses phobias and homeless

3 stars
Pregnancy Tests

Floyd J Phillips discusses pregnancy tests

3 stars
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