Feraz Ozel is a stand-up comedian based out of San Diego. His voyage into comedy began at a very young age, because when you're an 11 year old boy with a great rack, you just don't get the type of positive attention commonly associated with such endowments. Feraz 's body resembled the shape of a pear. Once in a while, if he had a lite dinner he could see his penis in the morning, but on most days... he wasn't so fortunate. As a boy of this size the options are limited; you either be the funny fat kid or end up the husky boy used as a terrible option by girls playing "Would You Rather." Example: "Hey Beyonce, would you rather be a homeless hooker, or make out with the fat kid." Luckily, Feraz rolled with the punches of evolution and ended up the funny fat kid yet...he was still probably used as a terrible option in "would you rather". Over time, he lost the fat but managed to retain the funny, which luckly for us allows him to act as the animated, fast moving, quick-witted comic we see today.

Fast-forward past the teen years straight into college and you find stand up comic Feraz Ozel. He started with shows on his UCSD campus but quickly moved on to hit stages at comedy clubs all over California. He even performed in various clubs throughout Europe while studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary in the Fall of 2009. By some interesting turn of events, Feraz ended up winning a comedy competition in Hungary, getting an interview in a local magazine and was asked to perform in front of various international audiences.

With his return to San Diego, Feraz is quickly making a name for himself and excited to return to the California comedy scene where he got his start. Meanwhile, Feraz is also wrapping up his studies at UCSD, and earning a degree in political science.

Feraz Ozel


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