Quirky and energetic, comedian Erikka Innes delivers comedy that features snappy one-liners and stories about life as a slightly spacey but smart geek girl, and a lot of clever insights into the world around us. Her high energy performances are a guided tour through a wonderland where D&D is the national pastime and William Shatner’s rendition of Rocket Man is the national anthem. It’s a pretty cool place to live. You should visit sometime.
Erikka has been on tour with Women Who Kick Comedy Butt and recently created her own comedy show ’Geek Comedy Night’ which she co-produces with Daymon Ferguson (who’s also hilarious). In a few short years, she’s performed at the major clubs in the bay area, written for the television show "Fondle the Fear" and worked as a film scout for Viacom Productions. When she’s not writing or performing she’s probably busy dreaming about being a starship captain.

Erikka Innes


My Clips

3 stars

A couple tries out relationship counseling because they are infuriated with one another's communication skills. Unfortunately, the therapist might understand them even less!

3 stars
Don't Feed the Yuppies

Two children try their luck at feeding the yuppies in the park with disastrous results!

3 stars
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