Erik Tait has been called everything from "wickedly funny," to "sir we are trying to close the shop we need you to choose one now please." An admitted geek and rubiks cube enthusiast, his jokes cover everything from popular culture to horrifying stories of his personal life.

A top graduate of the Comedy Writing and performance program at the Comedy Writing and Performance program from Humber College in Toronto, Erik is currently the only magician in the world with a college degree in hillarious. This being the case, he can academically prove why he’s funny. Having appeared on stages such as Second City Toronto, The Diesel Playhouse, The Magic Castle, and many other prestigious venues Erik is in constant demand. Currently Erik is based in Columbus Ohio where he is learning to accept the kindness of others. When not performing in various comedy clubs and corporate venues he draws the web comic Beatnik Beat, which has been called "art" by people who don't know what art is.

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