With his multicultural background, a Central American Caribbean mother, a father of European descent, Erik blends well into the North American landscape particularly in this era of cultural diversity. In much of his comedy, he pokes fun at himself, his mother, breaking up with a girlfriend, his Roman nose and people asking, "What are you?"

Erik Griffin


My Clips

3 stars
People Mover

Erik Griffin is playing on the people mover and we're all watching with glee!

3 stars
Whipping It Out Too Early

Erik Griffin has no business taking his dick out that early. Come on, Erik! Put your dick back in your pants!

3 stars
Kids In Public

Erik Griffin is teaching parents how to do stuff in public.

3 stars
Kids Vs. Birds

Erik Griffin knows what kids do to your life...Jumanji!

3 stars
4 stars
4 stars
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