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MMOCIA.COM is a website dedicated to providing news and entertainment related to Massively Multiplayer Online games.


To provide the most up to date information in the MMO Gaming world while making you laugh!


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5 stars
Jerry The Old School Video Gamer

mmocia — April 12, 2010 — In this episode we interview Jerry who has an interesting take on the current direction of video games.

5 stars
Attack of the Killer Star Trek Geeks

Star Trek fans go crazy when they get snubbed by an obnoxious CEO for Star Trek Online, you wont believe how far they go to get even!

5 stars
MMOCIA On Location: Interview with Ned

In this episode our fearless correspondent, Chip Fergison goes on location to interview a 35 year old World of Warcraft player named Ned, who lives in his mom's basement...

5 stars
The Amish MMO Video Game Reviewer

From The News Room at, Eric Steiner interviews an Amish MMO Video game reviewer about an exclusive game demo he had a chance to play, unfortunately The Amish didn't play the game demo and he only wanted to tell Eric about the strange things he participated in the night before the interview...

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