Eric J. Krug is a comedian who got his start in the city of Austin, Texas. He spent his childhood moving from city to city across the Midwest. Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, Kansas.

Eric’s upbringing is much like his act — empty and boring. After barely graduating High School, Eric barely attended college, where he followed his natural trend in life by failing. With nowhere to go, he lingered in his parents’ house watching Barney Miller reruns while they worked, until finally joining the military in 2002. Not so much for the love of God or country, and more for the love of a job you can’t be fired from. During his four years of proudly serving his country [coffee], Eric managed to do nothing heroic nor manly despite going to a war zone and, much to everyone’s disappointment, returning home safely. During this time, he also decided to expand his stellar failing skills to marriage by meeting, and quickly divorcing, the first of what surely will be many wives.

At this point, there was no reason in Eric pretending his life was not a steaming pile of feces, so he decided to get on stage and publicly announce it to the world via poorly written and horribly delivered “jokes.” In the years that followed, Eric somehow became known as one of the fastest rising and most prolific comedians among his peers. Influential comedians and enthusiastic fans respected his material and offered strong words of encouragement, wishing his career the same kind of outcome as other successful comics like Freddie Prinze, Drake Sather and Richard Jeni.

In addition to recently appearing at the SXSW Festival, the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival and Season 4 of Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, Eric also won the nationally recognized Funniest Person In Austin contest after all the talented comedians in Austin had moved. Which only serves to remind us that patience is a virtue, especially when you suck.

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