With a career spanning since late 2009, Eric Kennedy has already carved a unique niche in the Austin comedy scene. Kennedy grew up a boy-genius in a small, South Texas town. After moving to Austin in 2003 to attend The University of Texas, he lost all creative outlets until finding a home in standup comedy. Eric is not ashamed to say that he was pushed into comedy by a combination of the DVD release of “Funny People”, encouragement from close friends and a brilliant epiphany that turned into his first successful joke.

Luckily for Eric, stand-up comedy seems a perfect fit for his often-odd takes on life. Presently, he wears many hats, from retirement-home concierge to office accountant to local bar aficionado, and he explores the comedic value in all aspects of life. Eric works to bring quality, new material to life each week, regularly performing around the Greater Austin area. He also took to the road in January 2011 as part of the Insufficient Funds Comedy Tour, performing across the Southern U.S. in comedy venues from Stand-Up Scottsdale to The Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta. Witness the rise of the young man who popularized the term “hand job” among the 60+ crowd, the flip-flop accountant, the budding comedian, Eric Kennedy.

Eric Kennedy

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