Now a long, long time ago in a nasty little city, far, far away, there lived a man named Ellis, a damn good looking Halfrican-American he woke up one day and realized that he was lost. Many of us are familiar with his situation, he made one decision and years later he realized his entire life had formed around that decision. It wasnt a life that he wanted. So Ellis searched for that map in his soul that says YOU ARE HERE. With a little help from his Granny, Jesus, and the modern miracle refreshment known as the green Monster he moved to Sacramento signed with Reynolds records, and started a boy band called the Jungle Bunnies The album went triple aluminum, selling over 36 copies in its first 2 years! He married his 63 year old third grade teacher who was grade A double D, whole MILF had 19 kids of his own, and named them all George Foreman. And life was good, but little did Ellis know his wife was having an affair. Little did she know KY Jelly, hot wax, and Tabasco juice form a powerful explosive and during a midnight love session, she was killed in an explosion. Being half man and half amazing, Ellis some how survived the tragedy and started a career in comedy. He can be seen at local comedy clubs in Sacramento, the Bay Area and mics across Northern California.

Ellis Rodriguez
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