Eddie O’Dwyer was born in Leeds, in the summer of 1989, to a man and a woman later identified as his parents. He grew up in the Scottish Borders, amongst sheep, horses, dogs, chickens, cows, cats and sisters.

As a small boy he was fascinated by dinosaurs, myths, monsters, superheroes, football and playing lots of imaginary games. Most involved wearing a towel as a cape.

At primary school he was fantastically marginal, with occasional glimmers of genius in the odd question, for example, “mummy, what do babies think about before they are born?"

It’s not been seen since.

At High school he was small and resembled a meerkat, sometimes quiet and brooding, like a normal cat. Would throw himself into a new hobby every month. Then stop it due to fear ninjitsu, parkour like some sort of “pussy” cat. Dodged exercise and did the minimum amount of work necessary, like a fat cat. The cat analogy stops here.

Salvation came when he took part in a stand up course in the Edinburgh Festival, performing his first gig. He then went on to perform at The Stand in Edinburgh.

The rest as they say…….is “not that long ago”…..

Eddie O'Dwyer

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