Starting at the beginning... I was always weird. Played w/ the Dancing batand alot... while dancing to "Lets here it For the Boys"... that's a lil too much. I journeyed through the elementary school... where I would meet my friend Eric. We pretended to be characters from "HOOK" the movie... him peter pan, and I would be Rufio! I would always win, but end up in the trash can either way... sux. There I went to middle school learning improv, and getting into chess. King me like Lebron James. In High School I did some criminal Justice, but relized that comedy is where I need to be. I am here. Now in my Journey of continuing this life. Life will always bring us to where we need to be, for me it is comedy, but I will encourage others to be themselves. I am Edd. This is me. and my Bio!

Edd Faxlanger
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