Droopy grew up in Ohio the youngest of 4 boys and an eldest sister. My parents weren't the typical Ozzy and Harriett....More like Ozzy and Sharon, but in a comedic way. My Father is a second generation American and his grandparents were immigrants from the old country Italy. So, you can imagine the focus to succeed in my family....the great part was, we laughed about everything. My parents were the worst for getting us started and once we were on a roll, no one was safe. My mom was not Italian, but cooked like one. She had the comedy influence for me. She had a great wit and personality to motivate you while having a good time doing it. She would say things like "You going to do it, weather I beat you into submission or not, so you might as well do it and have fun!" And that was just home work.

Droopy Drew Donisi

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