Drew Hastings is a raconteur, a storyteller, and he has a lot of stories to tell. Before becoming a comedian at age thirty-one, Drew's escapades included owning a trucking business his story "Homo Truck" is a must-hear, running a document shredding company that never actually shredded any documents, leading archaeological expeditions some would call him "looter" to South America, and playing polo with stolen horses at polo clubs in Washington, DC and Cincinnati.

And, of course, let's not forget Drew's foray into psychedelic drug dealing in the early Seventies using a pyramid marketing scheme modeled after Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Drew moved from Ohio to Los Angeles in the early 1990's, where he was quickly noticed by the entertainment industry. His acting talents have landed him numerous guest starring roles and he has done five television pilots for networks from Fox to HBO. He has also made numerous stand-up appearances on television and is one of a very small group of comedians to have received a standing ovation on "The Tonight Show." His storied and colorful life has been the subject of three different one person shows, "Commencement Speech," "Life & Other Short Stories," and "The Business of Living," a satire of the success/motivational industry.

Currently Drew is working on expanding "Life & Other Short Stories" into a one-man show which he describes as "spoken memoir."

For the rest of 2006, Drew will spend most of his time on tour headlining with "The Friends of the Bob and Tom Show" which has covered over 70 cities thus far and is gaining momentum. When he's not touring he can be found on his new farm in Ohio - oh, did we forget to mention Drew is now also a farmer? Sounds like more stories are on the way.

Drew Hastings

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