i am a new stand-up comedian as of oct 05' i started by calling up kiss fm for a comedy contest. i beat my challenger hands down,and won a chance to compete at the ny, improv to compete for 5,000 dollars! even though i did not win i got rave reviews from other comedians. amuetur and proffesional since then i have done other radio show interviews including 106.7 scottdale arizona kevin gass and james musselman ralph vincent, and others. i have also perfomed at the improv over 5 times. i have done gotham comedy club, the comedy cellar, the slipper room, the ny comedy club, the lab, and have opened up for comedians such as jessica kirson, nikki carr. and have interviewed acts like roz-glast comic standing,shawn harrisb.e.t, retha jonescomic view and more. i do impressions: bernie mac, rip
dave chappelle', sly stallone,damon wayans, charlie murphy, richard pryor,paul mooney and many more, i dont depend on only impressions in my stand-up, i actually tell jokes. feel free to add me as a freind. and leave a comment, i enjoy that. even the bad one's i will just go leave a bad one on yours too...lmao!!! have fun and thanks for looking at the page!!!! and listen to the "dre parker show!!"

Dre Parker

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