I am a comedy actress who has created a community of characters who live in or around Granny Mae's Place in Beaver Dam Mississippi. The star character is Granny Mae, the moonshine loving toothless hillbilly who speaks her mind. Maggy Ferguson, Granny Mae's grandaughter who works at the Mississippi Welcome Center. Candy Cane, the whorehouse madame who is also Granny Mae's daughter. Viola Grump, the church lady who is also Granny Mae's cousin. Jersy LIlly the gothic queen who moved to Mississippi. Mamma Mabelle the voodoo queen from New Orleans. Susie Q the 5 year old great grandaughter of Granny Mae. Recently Granny Maes Aunt Tallulah Bankhead was trawed out from Cryonics so she lives with them at the welcome center, Opening up the door to other Old Hollywood Stars who were also frozen, such as Joan Crawford, Bette David, Mae West, Jayne Mansfield and others. Last but not least is Chi Chi Lopez from Brazil. I am also a Photographer who loves play with light. I love to record life in photographs. I enjoy restoring damaged vintage photographs and creating New vintage photographs of modern day subjects.

Diana Salameh

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