Groundbreaking! Phenomenal! Innovative!
These words have never been used to describe Derek Vana’s comedy. Not yet, anyways. <br/><br/>

If you take a heavily tattooed punk rock bass player, get rid of his instrument and tell him to entertain the audience with nothing but a microphone, you’d have Derek Vana. <br><br/> Since his first open mic done on a dare, Derek has transformed himself from a cuirous looking oddity onstage into the “tattooed boy next door.” He uses his upbringing in a small midwestern town along with the stark contrast of his poorly thought out permanent body art to grab the attention of everyone listening. <br><br/>Whether he’s talking about his relationship with his wife and family, his tattoos, or even why Taco Bell tastes so good, Derek puts his own unique spin on everyday topics and, surprisingly, has material that everyone can relate to. <br/><br/>
From start to finish, Derek Vana will have everyone in the room laughing and wanting more.

Derek Vana

My Clips

3 stars

a Joke about my tattoos

3 stars
Sex life

Getting to know your partner

3 stars
Cosmo is dangerous

A video about the dangers of cosmo

3 stars
O-H . . .

Ohio State University fans are fanatical

3 stars
The Midget Brigade

A quick one about midgets serving in the military

3 stars
Natalie is worth it

The things I would do for Natalie Portman

4 stars
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