Dennis Venable is a married forty-year-old father of three: two young boys, ages 4 & 8, and a girl, two months old. He has a loving wife of three years and enjoys playing video games in his spare time. His brand of humor consists of stories or experiences of his life and he does all clean material by choice. His reason is that he wants his kids to be able to watch his shows with him.

He comes from a large family of four brothers and three sisters of which he is the youngest. He found that his wit was not only fast, it was also useful in fending off his siblings and others by keeping them laughing.

He loves helping people almost as much as making them laugh and it took thirty-nine years to realize that by making them laugh he was helping. He has visions of spring boarding into the lime light with his humor because he feels the time is right.

Dennis Venable
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