When asked to describe himself, Dennis remarked, “I’m a cynical optimist; when I wake up I know it’s going to be a great day...until some pinhead ruins it for me.” This cynical optimism is the product of a rebellious childhood, a liberal arts education, marriage, home ownership and fatherhood. He was also greatly influenced by Peter Pan who said, “I always want to be a little boy and have fun”.
As a youth, Dennis was kicked out of both the Boy Scouts and 23 parochial schools. Always one to speak out against injustice, he has been arrested twice: once for fighting at a peace rally and once for inciting a riot at the opera.
Dennis also served proudly in the U. S. Navy, often calling it the best nine days of his life. He also spent the better part of a decade in college majoring in debauchery. Before graduating, Dennis met his future wife, the only woman on campus who would date him. In addition to his wife he now has two daughters: a twenty-four year old named Valerie and a three year old named Surprise!.
These influences are reflected in the act he brings to the stage. Combining an optimistic personality with a cynical eye, he sees the absurdity in his life. Enjoy his life with him in a show that is clever, original and very funny.

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