Fans of Dean Masello’s sly wit and deadpan demeanor might be surprised to know that the former attorney struggles daily to control a variety of ailments, including anxiety, sleepwalking, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, Dean’s greatest struggle involved convincing his friends and family that he was doing the right thing by ending his successful legal career to become a stand-up comedian. Dean has since put the worries of his loved ones to rest by harnessing his unique worldview to create the brilliantly insightful social commentary that has made him one of the Midwest’s most respected young talents. Dean currently resides in New York City, where he regularly performs in clubs and alternative venues. He’s also been featured on KISS-FM in Chicago, the 2012 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and the 2013 Laughing Devil Festival. Even though anxiety and OCD have turned parts of Dean’s life into a battle, audiences need not fear. From the moment he takes the stage, Dean Masello is always in control.

Dean Masello
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