David Gborie


My Clips

5 stars
I'm Not A Smart Man

David Gborie is many things, but a smart man is not one of them.

5 stars
Alligator Rights!

David Gborie is trying out a new character.

3 stars
Efficient Eater

David Gborie is many things but a waster, he is not.

5 stars
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

David Gborie doesn't mess with Mr. Roger's neighborhood.

5 stars
Experimenting With Drugs

David Gborie likes to experiment with drugs.

3 stars
Casual Encounters

David Gborie recommends the "Casual Encounters" section on Craigslist.

5 stars
Pee Stream

David Gborie would like a stronger, louder stream.

3 stars

David Gborie tells us how the Gborie family "does" diabetes.

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