David stumbled upon comedy a few years ago, to prove to his co-workers that he wasn’t a secret serial killer. Let’s face it, being the creepy IT guy at the office is about as charming to the ladies as winning a Magic the Gathering tournament. Comedy seems to make him more likeable – he hopes – and at the very least, it keeps him on the stage at a bar and away from unsuspecting female patrons. Have him tell you about the riveting decade he spent in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving back to his home state of sunny Florida. Ask him about his male pattern baldness or just peek under his hat. See if he’ll recite his Torah portion for you. But nudge him to do a “funny voice” at a party and you will be mercilessly bashed on Twitter. Make no mistake, he does some awesome funny and offensively ethnic voices, but you don’t get to decide when. David is an active member of Cigar City Comedy group cigarcitycomedy.com, which features central Florida's premier stand-up comics.

David Weingarten

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