David Siegel is a political impressionist, improviser and stand up comedian living in New York City. He's a regular performer at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, and his impressions have been featured by CNN, Congressional Quarterly and Denny's Restaurants. He's also done some writing which you can find at Collegehumor.com and in the Washington Post.

David Siegel


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David Siegel performs live at Comix in NYC

Comedian David Siegel shares his thoughts on condoms, the homeless and vitamins. Recorded 01/13/10 at Comix in NYC.

3 stars
Rachel Maddow Pundit Party!

Political impressionist David Siegel brings you a very special episode of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show." Rachel interviews a selection of guests across the political spectrum on the topics of the day, and some behave themselves better/make more sense than others. Guests/Impressions include: Rachel Maddow Howard Dean Craig Crawford Pat Buchanan Peggy Noonan Lawrence O'donnell Arianna Huffington Michael Isikoff James Carville Christopher Hitchens Don Imus Tavis Smiley Anne Coulter Dick Morris

4 stars
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