David Kay is an exceptional comic. Nowhere in the country, will you find anyone with such slow, quirky, unorthodox style, and such a unique blend of extra-ordinary observations and ultra-ordinary solutions.

David is one of the most original, imaginative, surreal and - most importantly - downright funny comics currently performing in Scotland. The self-proclaimed and ironically monikered "Fireball" of Scottish comedy can demand immediate attention and concentration from the audience by walking on stage and doing no more than announcing "Hello Fans".

David has recently finished working on the pilot episode 'Welcome to Strathmuir' for BBC2 Scotland. In 2006 David performed in ' North by North North' a new radio sketch show for Radio Scotland. 2006 also saw David perform a sell out one hour solo show at the Glasgow Comedy Festival. The show was filmed and David is currently involved in negotiations for a DVD release.

In 2005 David made a successful debut at the Kilkenny Comedy Festival in Ireland. Kilkenny is one of world's best comedy festivals and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the Fireball.

David is no stranger to the Edinburgh festival and after a critically acclaimed debut solo Fringe Show at the 2002 Edinburgh Festival , “David Kay : Some Like a Sonce” which was followed up in 2003 with “David Kay : Fireball”. David has since moved up a gear from cult performer to fully-fledged phenomenon on the comedy scene. With two appearances on BBC1's Live Floor Show and a two tours of the Scottish Highlands as part of The Best of Scottish Comedy show and The Stand Comedy Club Highland Tour , his act has gone from strength to strength as it reaches the parts that most comedians fear to tread.

David has been kept busy with live gigs headlining, compering and doing main support slots throughout Scotland and beyond. He is also involved in script writing and a number of TV & radio projects. He is currently working on guest slots for Fred Macaulay's radio show on BBC radio Scotland.

David Kay

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