David describes himself as, "Naughty, spazzy, happy, clappy, daffy, thinker, lil stinker, dirty, a tad wordy, flirty, sicko, jerk-wad, polite, rude, sweet, hyper, and unable to be anything other than himself at all times."

David Hawkins


My Clips

4 stars
I'm incredibly attractive!

David Hawkins lets the crowd at the Russian River Resort know how hot he is and what he is willing to do about the fact.

5 stars
Unscented LOTION

Private time calls for unscented lotion...

3 stars

David Hawkins is not really into the new breed of sensitive strait man. TV's BROMANCE sends him over the edge!

5 stars
Ellen selling COVERGIRL!

David Hawkins questions the logic behind choosing a chapstick lesbian to sell your face paint.

3 stars
Porno "stars", Madonna & Britney

David Hawkins is opinionated.

3 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Mosquito bite on my eyelid

It really sucked but at least I got to pretend my boyfriend hits me.

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