Dave Waite’s oddball stories and rants have made him a favorite at clubs around the Midwest. A square peg who found happiness when he stopped trying to fit in, Dave's hilarious tales of personal failure have won the love of audiences young and old alike. <br>
Although Dave is known for his constant grin, the first few years his post-college life didn't give him much to smile about. After graduating from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in the lucrative field of geography, Dave drifted through a series of jobs ranging from call center representative to substitute teacher, experiences that later became a part of his act. <br>
On his days as a substitute teacher, Dave says, "My kids 'would come up to me and say, 'Mr. Waite, you're going to die from smoking!' I was like, 'No, Timmy, more like drinking!'" <br>
After being fired from nearly every job and having zero luck at finding love, Dave's self-esteem hit rock bottom in early 2004. His salvation came in the form of a newspaper ad for a stand-up comedy class at the Funny Bone in Newport, KY. Dave took the class and fell in love with stand-up, quickly gaining a reputation amongst both comedians and audiences as one of the Midwest's wittiest and most unpredictable young comics.

Dave Waite


My Clips

4 stars
Don't Like Bloody Marys

Dave Waite thinks the Bloody Mary is a little much.

3 stars
Strip Club Invitation

Dave Waite gets invited to Stars.

3 stars
Reading is Fundamental

Dave Waite participates in R.I.F.

5 stars
Are You Into the Paranormal?

Dave Waite is gonna need a tetanus shot and a sleeping bag.

5 stars
Pee wee football coach

Dave Waite had a great football coach in the Pee Wee leagues.

5 stars
People hate time zones

Dave Waite on the future of time travel for dumb asses.

3 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Staff Pick 5 stars
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