Dave Siegel, conceived behind a bowling alley in Woodmere, NY in 1975 and born later that year the bastard son of Theodora eventual adopted son of Jack in 1994 had a love of dogs. Dave always thought this love of canines was a subconscious reaction to the fact that his mother constantly reminded him that his conception was the result of doggy style sex. But this wasn't the case.

Through four years of intensive psychotherapy, study, and fondling from Dave's closest high school friend, his guidance counselor, he learned that his love of dogs came not from the fact that his mom was such a gigantic slut. His adoration for man's best friend came from the inherent qualities his dogs possessed such as loyalty, unconditional love and perdurable horniness. Dave wanted to possess these qualities as well, so in the fall of 1997, he became a Priest. Then he found out that whole "Heeb thing" didn't go over so well at the seminary, so Dave choose a more traditional profession which had a higher success rate among young Jewish men.

On June 14, 1999, Dave made his stand-up comedy debut at New York City's 'The Comic Strip,' on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Since that day, he has opened for such comedians as Louie Anderson , Greg Giraldo, Dom Irrera, Richard Lewis, Wendy Liebman, Brian Regan and many many others from Carolines on Broadway to the Hollywood Improv. Dave has also appeared on CNN's 'Paula Zahn Now' and in Comedy Central's 'Laugh Riots.'

Dave Siegel

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