Dave Shirley began his illustrious performing career on the streets of Colorado juggling fire and swallowing razor blades, one dollar at a time. It was there that he began a lifelong pursuit of skills that had very little purpose in life.

Talents such as eating fire, doing magic tricks, and balancing objects brought him lots of joy—but practically no future. Naturally, he then experimented with other types of performing such as improvisation, traditional stage theater and sketch comedy, pursuits with an equally fun but grim future.

Dave now focuses his energy on a brand-new one man show that he sometimes describes as “things Dave finds funny” or “a cross between Blue Man Group and Penn & Teller but without the impressive magic and without the blue.”

He has finally found a purpose for a lifetime's-worth of useless skills—by putting them into a single show with the sole purpose of making you laugh.

Dave Shirley

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