I like to Rock it. I'm a stand up comic, when I'm not on the road I like to hang out anywhere, as long as it's on Lankershim Blvd, or within a 50 foot Radius. I have my own show every monday at the Rumba Room on Citywalk, conveniently located right off of Lankershim Blvd. I'm down with frenching mildly hot chicks, making fun of my friend Andy's crooked dick. name dropping I am friends with people who were on a TV show that was cancelled three years ago after 5 episodes. I like real people not the people who are fake, and tell you they hate fake people, only to lure you into a friendship with someone who is fake themselves. I hate comics who talk to me just to get on my show. I like taking short unromantic walks to the Dairy Queen on "you know what" blvd. And I love to bust balls. in the comedy way not the Trunks in West Hollywood sort of way.

Dave Lease

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