Dave Brooks is a member of a Co-operative that deals in Stand-up, Sketch Comedy, and Comedy theater in Des Moines, IA.

Dave Brooks


My Clips

3 stars
Comedy Co-op Sizzle Reel

5 years of Sketch Comedy with the Patsies and The Comedy Co-operative in Des Moines. In preparation for the Midwest Jestfest

5 stars
Going the distance

From the show "Are there any Objections?" Written by Darin Larsen, produced by the Comedy Co-Operative. Dave Brooks and Dave Stuck. Starring Darin Larsen and Mike "Leo" Kehoe Special thanks to Bill Conti for the "Rocky" theme and filler music

5 stars
Ale Qeada

The Best Tasting Beer in the Middle East...If you can find it!

5 stars
Jesus Alarm

Gives you enough time to repent...before the big guy gets back

5 stars
Seasonale BM

The convenience of only 4 poops a year? I'm listening...

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