Remember all those uncool, awkward, geeky kids bullies used to love to pick on at school? Whatever happened to them anyway? Well, one of them, DAREN STREBLOW, the tall, lanky one with the bad overbite, turned all that ridicule into a highly successful, fast-paced, hysterically funny comedy act. So who's laughing now? Daren Streblow's unique style of observational stand-up comedy and he's 100% clean, too! has been entertaining thousands of people throughout the United States and abroad ever since he first stepped on stage in 1995. "Daren Streblow makes me laugh until I can't breathe," says noted comedian and national radio host, Ken Davis. An in-demand comic for corporations, schools, youth rallies, and churches, Streblow has also opened for such well known comics as Weird Al Yankovich, James Gregory, Jeff Allen and Brad Stine. He is also featured in the nationwide Funny People of Faith Tour, and a regular performer at the National Pastor's Conventions and Youth Specialties. Born in the frosty north woods of Ely, Minnesota in 1971, Daren began exhibiting comedy potential at an early age. At age four, he was already entertaining family and friends with his impersonations of super heroes. He would wrap a blue cape around his neck and safety-pin a large letter "S" to his chest, then proceed to leap out in front of moving traffic in order to stop the cars. This could account for one of the reasons he was laughed at in school. It might also account for the high number of tread marks in front of Daren's home. Daren never lost his love for entertaining others, and at age 17, Daren was invited to join the staff of KDNW radio. This gave Daren the distinction of being the youngest announcer in the Northwestern College Radio Network. It also got him out of his Superman cape...except for weekends. Daren worked at the station throughout his high school and college years. Comedian Mark Lowry says that "Daren Streblow is funny. Not kinda funny. Not sorta funny. But, cough-up-a-lung, can't-catch-your-breath, throw-your-head-back-and-guffaw funny." Daren had been married for only a year when he felt God leading him to be a stand-up comedian. He figured this wasn't something that God regularly leads people to do Moses was never told to "Go to Pharaoh and do a ten-minute set", but it was a clear message to Daren and he knew he should pay attention. The more Daren began to think about the calling, and the more he looked at the raw talents that God had apparently instilled in him, the more he knew that comedy was what he was to do with his life. Daren dedicated his talents to God, started writing and honing his act, and moved into full time comedy in 1998. And he's been going strong ever since.

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